I’m almost there! When life suddenly throws you a giant curve ball that you can’t quite dodge, it shakes up the life you know, and it takes a toll on you, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Sometimes we’re expecting these curveballs and other times we are completely blindsided. Either way, when it happens the wreckage is... Continue Reading →

Inside the Mind and Heart of a Suicide Survivor

Most therapists usually ask, what's your oldest childhood memory. I was 3 years old when I watched my mother take her own life. August 10th, 1995 my picture perfect life changed forever. My mother was a police officer, engaged to my father, also a police officer. Together they had two children, myself and my brother,... Continue Reading →

A Taste of Freedom

  Freedom is more than living in a country like America that boasts about being free. Freedom is about freeing yourself from the emotional shackles that bind you within. Freedom is being able to know that you are independent, wonderful, and true to yourself. Freedom is loving who you are, and being okay with the... Continue Reading →

Take Revenge on Yourself

Revenge: determination to make things greater than or equal to. Usually deemed as negative, but when served properly it changes a nation and builds an army. Today, vow to yourself to take your life back and serve revenge to the unknown person living within you. Take revenge on the person inside you that tells you... Continue Reading →

Bloody Knees

Through grace and love we can be so quick to forgive and that is a gift. But while we quickly forgive, we heal like a Sunday's roast, low and slow. We stew and marinate until we're ready to be ourselves again, and just before the roast is served, it seems like everything gets dropped on... Continue Reading →

Faith of a Mustard Seed

"Today's the day!" he said with a shaky voice followed by a hefty sigh over the bad connection of our cell phones. Butterflies swarmed in my stomach as I frantically scrambled to stuff the remaining few, unnecessary, items into my already oversized suitcases. Warily I managed to mutter out a "yep, it's really happening". "Call... Continue Reading →

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