Bloody Knees

Through grace and love we can be so quick to forgive and that is a gift. But while we quickly forgive, we heal like a Sunday’s roast, low and slow. We stew and marinate until we’re ready to be ourselves again, and just before the roast is served, it seems like everything gets dropped on the floor and we have to start over.

Sometimes we let the same person drop the roast time and time again. But at some point, we have to stop letting them get near the roast. Forgiveness comes at a price for the habitual mistake makers. That price is bloody knees. I know, it sounds harsh. But say it again, bloody knees.

To have bloody knees just means one has to show you they’ve crawled through the darkness within them and conquered themselves to change their ways. We cannot accept less than we deserve. We cannot accept less than what a person is capable of. We won’t accept any more halfhearted I’m sorry’s any longer.

Life is precious and life is short. But life is meaningful. Words and actions are hurtful, and can last a lifetime, don’t let them.

5 thoughts on “Bloody Knees

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  1. Hiya,
    #1 I’ve been really into bears lately – Ursa Major, stories and photos, I’m seeing them everywhere. I love the blog name.
    #2 This post is gorgeous. Such a great metaphor for forgiveness, I’ve been there and done that (and continue to do that, hehe)
    #3 Mind if I link to this post next week sometime? Let me know, I’d love to share.
    Thank you!


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