Take Revenge on Yourself

Revenge: determination to make things greater than or equal to. Usually deemed as negative, but when served properly it changes a nation and builds an army.

Today, vow to yourself to take your life back and serve revenge to the unknown person living within you. Take revenge on the person inside you that tells you that you are not good enough. Take revenge on the person within that makes you insecure of the you that’s hiding within. You are not weak, you are strong, beautiful, bold, and powerful. You know what you want. You know who you are. You know what your future hold. Your future holds what ever the fuck you want it to.

Nothing will stop you. Nothing will stand in your way. Tell the world to bring it on, you can do this. Carry your lessons with you and keep them close. You can do anything. You can do everything.

When fight or flight mode engages, you will fight. You will fight for your dignity and your happiness. You will fight for your self.

You will rise. You will conquer. You will prevail. You are a warrior. You will be kind to yourself.

Say it aloud:

I am good at things.
I am cool.
I am willing to learn.
I am not afraid.
I am smart.
I am funny.
I am fun.
I am strong.
I am brave.

Take revenge on the old you that was mean to yourself, and prove them dead wrong.

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